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  • Fiji

V Australia has applied for an allocation of 1,267 seats per week on the Fiji route. V Australia plans to operate daily B777 services on the Fiji route. V Australia application [PDF: 64 KB] . In order to obtain the total of 2,527 seats required for the operation of these services, V Australia also plans to used 1,260 seats which are proposed to be transferred from Pacific Blue Australia to V Australia.

In a related application, Pacific Blue Australia sought a variation of Determination [2008] IASC 129 to transfer to V Australia the 1,260 seats allocated by that determination. Pacific Blue Australia application [PDF: 67 KB] .

Other applications for the capacity sought by V Australia are invited. Submissions about the variation application from Pacific Blue Australia to transfer capacity to V Australia are also invited. The closing date for notice of intention to make an application or submission is 20 August 2009, with applications due by 27 August 2009 unless additional time is sought and agreed to by the Commission.

Other Applications

On 20 August 2009, the Commission received a letter of intention from Qantas for an allocation of capacity on the Fiji route. Qantas letter [PDF: 42 KB] . Since both carriers have applied for the same limited capacity the Commission will write to both V Australia and Qantas and ask them to address the paragraph 5 criteria on the Ministers policy statement. Once these are received submissions about the capacity will be invited.

Update: 31-August-2009

Letter from IASC requesting V Australia address paragraph 5 criteria. [PDF: 55 KB]

Letter from IASC requesting Qantas address paragraph 5 criteria. [PDF: 54 KB]

Qantas application [PDF: 61 KB] received 27 August 2009.

Update: 09-September-2009

Submissions received

V Australia – [PDF: 5561 KB]

Qantas – [PDF: 572 KB]

The Commission now invites submissions from other interested parties about both applications. Interested parties will have until the 16 September 2009 to notify an intention to make a submission and until the 23 September 2009 to lodge the submission.

Update: 06-October-2007

Submissions from interested parties

Mr Navin Raj - [PDF: 302 KB]

Update: 23-October-2009

On 20 October 2009 the Commission issued Draft Determinations [2009] IASC 131 [PDF: 180 KB] and [2009] IASC 132 [PDF: 180 KB] proposing to allocate 907 seats per week to V Australia and 852 seats per week to Qantas. Submissions about the draft determinations are invited. Submissions are due by COB 30 October 2009. The Commission is expected to meet on 5 November 2009 to settle final determinations.

Update: 02-November-2009

Both V Australia and Qantas have provided submissions in response to the Commissions draft determination.

V Australia - [PDF: 544 KB]

Qantas - [PDF: 1776 KB]

The Virgin Group has also sought to transfer an additional 360 seats from Pacific Blue Australia to V Australia by varying determination [2008] IASC 117 [PDF: 93 KB] . Submissions about that application are invited. The closing date for notice of intention to make a submission is 9 November 2009, with submissions due by the 16 November 2009 unless additional time is sought and agreed to by the Commission.

Update: 04-November-2009

The Virgin Group has written a letter commenting on one aspect of the Qantas submission in response to the Commission's draft determination. It may be found here. [PDF: 57 KB]

Update: 06-November-2009

The Commission has now finalised the allocations proposed in the draft determinations [2009] IASC 131 and [2009] IASC 132, allocating 907 seats of capacity to V Australia and 852 seats of capacity to Qantas. The determinations are for 3 years. The airlines have already been advised of the outcome.

Determination [2009] IASC 131- [PDF: 198 KB]

Determination [2009] IASC 132 - [PDF: 198 KB]