Feedback on service performance

Feedback on the IASC's service performance for 2023/2024.

We would appreciate your views on our service. Your response will be anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself below.

As not all the questions below are relevant to all our clients, please answer those that apply to you. Please select the radio button next to the description that is most appropriate, you may also wish to make a brief comment under the question.


Do you agree that we: (please select the appropriate radio button)
1. Notified you within 5 workings days of receiving applications for capacity?
2. Invited other applications and submissions as appropriate?
3. Sought only information which was reasonably necessary for the Commission to best carry out its functions?
4. Were prompt in replying to your emails, letters and phone calls?
5. Decided on applications as quickly as possible?
(As a guide the Commission's benchmark timeframes are 4 weeks for uncontested applications and 12 weeks for contested applications, after the end of the notification period and from receipt of all necessary information)
6. Notified you promptly of our decisions?
(As a guide the Commission aims to notify applicants within one working day and other interested parties within 3 working days)
7. Made decisions consistent with the requirements of the Act and the Minister's Policy Statement?
8. Treated you courteously and professionally?
9. Provided clear, accurate advice and answered your questions promptly?
10. Acted transparently and fairly while protecting legitimate commercial interests?
11. Responded promptly and constructively to comments you may have made about our performance?

Thank you for your feedback.

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