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The Commission was established and operates pursuant to the International Air Services Commission Act 1992, the International Air Services Commission Regulations1992, and the policy statement issued by the Minister about the way in which the Commission is to perform its functions.

The Commission has delegated certain powers and functions 

 to its Executive Director or Senior Adviser (officers of the Department). In essence, the new arrangements enable the delegate to make a range of determinations and decisions previously made by the Commission. Generally, these relate to cases that are straightforward. More complex matters will continue to be dealt with by the Commission. There is a range of scenarios under which a matter would be dealt with by the Commission or by the delegate. It is cumbersome to describe this in prose. For this reason, the Commission has developed a flow chart   showing how decisions are reached about whether a case will be handled by the Commission or by its delegate.

Summary information about the Act, regulations and Minister's policy statement follows, with links to each document. Copies may be requested from the secretariat if preferred (see contact details).

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The Commission was established under the International Air Services Commission Act 1992. The object of the Act is to enhance the welfare of Australians by promoting economic efficiency through competition in the provision of international air services, resulting in:

  • increased responsiveness by airlines to the needs of consumers, including an increased range of choices and benefits; and
  • growth in Australian tourism and trade; and
  • the maintenance of Australian carriers capable of competing effectively with airlines of foreign countries

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IASC Regulations

The 2018 Regulations provide a supporting administrative framework for the International Air Services Commission (the Commission), as well as certain procedures for the Commission to follow in particular circumstances regarding the allocation of available capacity. The 2018 Regulations also outline circumstances when the Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities may make certain operational decisions under the Air Navigation Act 1920.

Click on the link above to download a copy of the Regulations. The Explanatory Statement is also available for downloading.

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Minister's Policy Statement

In allocating capacity, the Commission assesses the merits of claims by applicants under specified public benefit criteria. These criteria are detailed in Policy Statements issued, from time to time, by the Minister.

The Minister’s Policy Statement of 20 March 2018 came into effect on 28 March 2018, the date of gazettal.

The Explanatory Memorandum is also available for downloading.

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Commission Procedures

The Commission has published procedures for making determinations allocating available capacity and for reviewing existing determinations. The procedures are designed to be consistent with the requirements of the legislation and with the principles of natural justice. They are intended to give applicants and other interested parties procedural fairness, ensure that the Commission's processes are as open as possible, and provide guidance to anyone wishing to apply for, or make submissions about, an allocation of air route capacity.

  • Applications for capacity (updated May 2019) -  
  • Procedures for making a submission to the Commission (updated May 2019) -  
  • Procedures for review of a determination (updated May 2019) -  
  • Procedures for renewal of a determination (updated May 2019) -  
  • Procedures for applications for consolidation of determinations 

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Guidelines for considering Subject To Finance Applications

On 21 July 2005, the Commission issued final guidelines for considering applications from prospective new airlines on a subject to finance basis


This followed the Commission issuing draft guidelines on 8 June 2005 for comment—Draft Guidelines and Comment


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