Case Date
  • Singapore

The Commission has received an application from Australian Indian Ocean Territories Airlines (AIOTA) for unlimited capacity between Christmas Island and Singapore. AIOTA plans to wet-lease a Boeing 737-300 from Our Airlines for these operations. AIOTA application. [PDF: 123 KB] Other applications for the capacity are invited. The closing date for notice of intention to make an application is 2 November 2009, with submissions due by 9 November 2009, unless additional time is sought and agreed to by the Commission.

Update: 27-October-2009

The Commission has written to the Department seeking its views as to whether the airline is reasonably capable of getting the necessary approvals. The letter may be found here. [PDF: 325 KB]

Update: 11-January-2010

The Commission has received a letter from AIOTA withdrawing their application for capacity on the Singapore route. The letter may be found here. [PDF: 223 KB]