Case Date
  • Hong Kong

The Commission has received an application [PDF: 437 KB] from Qantas seeking a variation to determinations [2009] IASC 123, [2011] IASC 116 and [2011] IASC 117 which together allocate 25 frequencies on the Hong Kong Route. The application for variation seeks to enable Jet Airways to code share on Qantas operated services between Australia and Hong Kong. Submissions about the application are invited.

The closing date for notice of intention to make a submission is COB (i.e. 5pm) on 26 August 2013, with the submission due by COB 2 September 2013. If no notice of intention is received by COB 26 August 2013, the Commission may proceed to make a decision.

Update: 02-September-2013

On 3 September 2013 the Delegate of the Commission issued Decision [2013] IASC 224  [PDF: 1169 KB]  which varied various determinations on the Hong Kong route to permit Jet Airways to code share on Qantas' services on the route as requested.