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  • Italy

The Commission has received an application [PDF: 49 KB] from Qantas, seeking a variation to Determination [2007] IASC 113 to reduce capacity from 600 to 300 seats and to enable Qantas to code share with Emirates on the Italy route effective from 31 March 2013. Qantas has also amended its request of 3 September 2012 to renew Determination [2007] IASC 113, by seeking renewal of 300 seats of the 600 seats allocated by this determination.

Submissions about this application are invited. As the application involves a reduction in capacity (which normally does not require consultation) and a variation for code sharing that has been approved for other applications, rather than the normal 10 working days for submissions, the closing date for submissions will be COB Tuesday 19 March 2013.

Update: 26-March-2013

On 25 March 2013 the Commission issued Decision [2013] IASC 214  [PDF: 1464 KB] , varying Determination [2007[ IASC 113 to reduce the capacity allocated to Qantas from 600 seats per week to 300 seats per week and to permit Qantas to code share on Emirates' services on the Italy route.