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  • Cook Islands
  • Fiji

The Commission has received an application [PDF: 181 KB] from Virgin Australia seeking the renewal of determinations [2008] IASC 128 on the Cook Islands route and [2008] IASC 129 on the Fiji route. These determinations are due to expire in the next 12 months.

The Commission invites other applications relating to the capacity subject of renewal. The closing date for notice of intention to make an application is COB (i.e. 5 pm) on 19 September 2013, with the application due by COB 26 September 2013. If no notice of intention is received by COB 19 September 2013, the Commission may proceed to make a decision.

Update: 01-October-2013

On 1 October 2013, the delegate of the Commission issued Renewal Determination [2013] IASC 137  [PDF: 945 KB] , allocating 180 seats per week on the Cook Islands route to Virgin Australia for five years and Renewal Determination [2013] IASC 138  [PDF: 934 KB] , allocating 1,260 seats per week on the Fiji route to Virgin Australia for five years.