Case Date
  • Hong Kong

The Commission has received an application [PDF: 305 KB] from Qantas proposing a consolidation of its multiple determinations on the Hong Kong route. Qantas currently holds three determinations allocating a total of 25 frequencies per week on the Hong Kong route.

In accordance with section 12 of the International Air Services Commission Act 1992 (the IASC Act), the Commission invites other applications for allocation of capacity on the Hong Kong route.

Furthermore, as Qantas’ application is also effectively a variation of its multiple determinations on the route to include a new condition, the Commission is inviting submissions about the application in accordance with section 22 of the IASC Act. Qantas is seeking permission to code share with British Airways on the Hong Kong route (in addition to the other code share arrangements already approved).

The closing date for submitting a notice of intention to make an application or submission is COB (i.e. 5 pm) on 20 February 2014, with the submission due by COB 27 February 2014.

If no notice of intention is received by 20 February 2014, the Commission may proceed to make a decision.

Update: 17-March-2014

On 14 March 2014, the Commission issued Determination [2014] IASC 103  [PDF: 1527 KB] , which consolidates capacity currently held by Qantas on the Hong Kong route under multiple determinations. The determination also allows the capacity to be used by Qantas to provide joint services with any wholly-owned subsidiary, Jet Airways, British Airways and Finnair. This determination takes effect when the current determinations are revoked.