[2018] IASC R02

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Decision:[2018] IASC R02
Revocation of:[2017] IASC 111
The Route:China
The Applicant: Pacific Air Express ( Australia) Pty Ltd (PAE
(ABN 26 074 265 553)
Public Register:IASC/APP/201831

On 13 June 2017, the Commission’s delegate issued Determination [2017] IASC 111 (the Determination) allocating to PAE unlimited capacity and frequencies to operate all-cargo services between Australia and China in accordance with the Australia - China air services arrangements. The Determination is subject to certain conditions including the requirement to fully utilise the capacity from no later than 30 April 201, or such other date approved by the Commission.

On 8 June 2018, PAE submitted a request to the Commission to extend the date of utilisation of the capacity allocation on the China route to 31March 2019.

The Commission notes that in December 2016, the Government authorities of Australia and China agreed to liberalise the air services arrangements between the two countries permitting the designated airlines of their respective countries to determine the frequency, capacity and aircraft type to be operated between Australia and China. This means there are no longer restrictions on the capacity entitlements which the designated airlines of both countries could operate on the Australia-China route, including dedicated cargo services.

In light of the above, as requested by PAE, the Commission resolves to extend the date of utilisation of the capacity allocated in favour of PAE to 31 March 2019 or such other date approved by the Commission.

Dated: 15 June 2018

IAN DOUGLAS - Chairperson

JAN HARRIS - Commissioner

KAREN GOSLING - Commissioner