[2019] IASC 209

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Decision: [2019] IASC 209
Revocation of: [2016] IASC 106
The Route: China
The Applicant: Virgin Australia International Airlines Pty Ltd     
  (ABN 63 125 580 823)
Public Register: IASC/APP/201940


1 The application

1.1  Virgin Australia applied to the Commission on 29 November 2019 to revoke, pursuant to section 27AA of the International Air Services Commission Act 1992 (the Act), Determination [2016] IASC 106 which allocates 1,925 seats per week in each direction on the China route.

2 Commission's consideration

2.1    Under subsection 27AA(1) of the Act, an Australian carrier, to whom a determination allocating capacity is issued, may at any time request the Commission to revoke the determination.  

2.2    Upon receipt of an application to revoke a determination, the Commission must make a decision revoking the determination pursuant to subsection 27AA(3).

3 Decision [2019] IASC 209

3.1    In accordance with section 27AA of the Act, the Commission revokes Determination [2016] IASC 106 with effect from the date this instrument is made.


Dated: 16 December 2019


IAN DOUGLAS - Chairperson

KAREN GOSLING - Commissioner