[2023] IASC 205

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[2023] IASC 205

Variation of: [2022] IASC 102
The Route: Vietnam
The Applicant: Qantas Airways Limited
(Qantas) ABN 16 009 661 901
Public Register: IASC/APP/202333


1 The application

1.1    On 11 April 2023, as part of its utilisation report, Qantas applied to the International Air Services Commission (the Commission) to revoke Determination [2022] IASC 102 allocating one weekly frequency of freight capacity on the Vietnam route. Qantas’ application is in accordance with section 27AA of the International Air Services Commission Act 1992 (the Act). 

2 Commission's consideration

2.1    Under subsection 27AA(1) of the Act, an Australian carrier, to whom a determination allocating capacity is issued, may at any time request the Commission to revoke the determination.
2.2    Pursuant to subsection 27AA(3), the Commission must make a decision revoking the determination as requested.

3   Decision [2023] IASC 205

3.1    In accordance with section 27AA of the Act, the Delegate, on behalf of the Commission, revokes Determination [2022] IASC 102 with effect from the date this instrument is made.


Dated: 8 May 2023