[2024] IASC R01

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Resolution: [2024] IASC R01
Determination: [2023] IASC 117
The Route: Papua New Guinea
The Applicant:

AERgO International Pty Ltd (AERgO)
(ACN 110 218 016) 

Public Register: IASC/APP/202408

On 4 May 2023, the International Air Services Commission (the Commission) issued Determination [2023] IASC 117 (the Determination) allocating 45 tonnes of freight capacity per week to AERgO International Pty Ltd (AERgO) on the Papua New Guinea route. The Determination includes several conditions including the requirement for the capacity to be utilised no later than 27 March 2024 or such other date approved by the Commission.  

On 29 January 2024, AERgO wrote to the Commission seeking an extension of the date for utilisation of the capacity from 27 March 2024 until 31 October 2024 (Northern Winter 2024-25 scheduling period). In its letter, AERgO outlined its planned commencement of operations between Australia and Papua New Guinea in the Northern Summer 2023 scheduling period, with capacity expected to be fully utilised by the Northern Winter 2024-25 scheduling period.

As part of its application, AERgO indicated that the carrier is working with the Government of Papua New Guinea to finalise remaining approvals necessary for it to operate the scheduled freight services on the route. 

The Commission notes that AERgO has continued to operate non-scheduled freight services from Australia to Papua New Guinea in the interim, to meet consumer demand. 

In light of these circumstances, the Commission issues Resolution [2024] IASC R01 to provide that the capacity allocated under Determination [2023] IASC 117 is to be utilised from no later than 31 October 2024, or such other date approved by the Commission. The Commission will continue to monitor the airline’s ability to fully utilise the capacity issued under the Determination.

Dated: 21  February 2024    

Genevieve Butler - Chairperson

Jane McKeon - Commissioner