Case Date
  • Thailand

The Commission has received an application from Qantas  [PDF: 70 KB]  for a variation to Determination [2006] IASC 110 to permit Kenya Airways to code share on Qantas operated passenger services on the Thailand route. Qantas is also seeking an allocation of seven frequencies per week for third country code share services on the Thailand route to enable Qantas to code share on Kenya Airways operated services beyond Thailand. Submissions about the application and other applications for the capacity are invited.

The closing date for notice of intention to make a submission or an application is COB 26 October 2010, with submissions or applications due by COB 2 November 2010. If no notice of intention is received by COB 26 October 2010, the Commission may proceed to decide matters under consideration as soon as practicable after that date.

Update: 01-November-2010

On 27 October 2010, the Delegate of the Commission issued Decision [2010] IASC 209  [PDF: 85 KB]  which varies Determination [2006] IASC 110 by permitting Kenya Airways to code share on Qantas operated services as requested. The Delegate of the Commission also issued Determination [2010] IASC 124  [PDF: 94 KB] , allocating seven weekly third party code share services in each direction on the route.