Case Date
  • Singapore

The Commission has received an application [PDF: 421 KB] from HeavyLift Cargo Airlines requesting an allocation of unlimited all-cargo capacity on the Singapore route. Other applications for capacity are invited.

The closing date for notice of intention to make an application is COB (ie 5pm) 20 December 2011, with the application due by COB 6 January 2012. If no notice of intention is received by COB 20 December 2011, the Commission may proceed to make a determination.

Update: 12-January-2012

On 10 January 2012 the Commission requested HeavyLift provide additional information in support of its application.....

Update: 17-January-2012

On 16 January 2012 HeavyLift Cargo Airlines wrote to the Commission withdrawing their application for capacity on the Singapore route.