Determinations and Decisions - Vietnam

 Ansett 19-Mar-02[2002] IASC 206  Revocation of [2001] IASC 111.
9-Jul-01[2001] IASC 111 Allocation of 7 3rd country code share services to enable code sharing on Singapore Airlines. Revoked
Qantas21-Mar-17[2017] IASC 103   Allocation of seven frequencies per week
25-Nov-13[2013] IASC 229  Revocation of [2009] IASC 101 and [2013] IASC 124
20-May-13[2013] IASC 124  Renewal of [2009] IASC 101
11-May-12[2012] IASC 214 Revocation of [2009] IASC 212
19-Oct-10[2010] IASC 207 Revocation of [2006] IASC 102 and [2008]IASC 108
8-Dec-09[2009] IASC 221 Reduce allocation from two to one dedicated cargo service per week
20-Oct-09[2009] IASC 121 Allocation of unlimited capacity, frequency and aircraft type in each direction
11-Feb-09[2009] IASC R01 Extension of time to fully utilise capacity to 18 April 2009
13-Jan-09[2009] IASC 101 Allocation of two frequencies of freight capacity per week.
18-Jun-08[2008] IASC 108 Allocation of two frequencies per week.
08-May-06[2006] IASC 102 Allocation of three frequencies per week.
7-May-02[2002] IASC 217 Revocation of [2000] IASC 104.
21-Feb-00[2000] IASC 104 Renewal of DET/9503 allocating 3 B767 equivalent units per week; code share with Vietnam Airlines; Revoked.
Strategic Airlines trading as Air Australia30-April-2013[2013] IASC 217 Revocation of [2011] IASC 133
8-Dec-11[2011] IASC 133 Allocation of four frequencies pwer week from Sydney Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and unlimited capacity from all other points