Case Date
  • Papua New Guinea

HeavyLift Cargo Airlines Pty Ltd has applied to the Commission for an allocation of 16,500kg capacity on the Papua New Guinea route. HeavyLift application [PDF: 50 KB] Other applications for the capacity on the route are invited. The closing date for applications 23 June 2009, with applications due by COB 30 June 2009 unless additional time is sought and agreed to by the Commission.

Other Applications

On 18 June 2009, the Commission received an application from Pacific Air Express for an allocation of 16,500kg capacity on the Papua New Guinea route. Pacific Air Express application [PDF: 794 KB]

Update: 22-June-2009

As both carriers have sought the same limited capacity, this has created a contested situation. Accordingly, on 22 June 2009, the Commission wrote to both HeavyLift and Pacific Air Express asking them to address the paragraph 5 criteria on the Ministers policy statement,with responses due by COB 2 July 2009. The paragraph 5 material from each applicant has now been received and can be viewed below.

Pacific Air Express - 2 July 2009 [PDF: 108 KB]

HeavyLift- 2 July 2009 [PDF: 97 KB]

The Commission is inviting submissions from interested parties about the HeavyLift and Pacific Air Express applications. The closing dates for notice of intention to submit and to make a submission are COB 9 and 16 July 2009 respectively.

Update: 10-August-2009

On 6 August 2009, the Commission issued a Draft Determination [2009] IASC 117 [PDF: 134 KB] proposing to allocate 16.5 tonnes of cargo capacity per week to HeavyLift. Submissions about the draft determination are invited. Submissions are due by cob Monday 17 August. The Commission is expected to move to a final determination as quickly as possible thereafter.

Submissions received

Update: 25-August-2009

On 25 August 2009, the Commission issued Determination [2009] IASC 117 [PDF: 153 KB] in favour of Heavylift Cargo Airlines, allocating 16.5 tonnes of freight capacity per week in each direction on the route.